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Maintenance and Repair Organizations represent intrinsic element for successful and continuous operations of airlines. Many stakeholders are depending on responsibility for high qualification of repair and maintenance employees, superior safety standards and time schedule commitments.


Inventory management as well a big number of everyday accounting & management operations are key elements of MRO’s activity. Right ERP Solution that may be easy expandable according to growing MRO needs and new types of aircraft services introduction is absolutely necessary for higher level operational efficiency.

Aviation safety standards and rules in this business lead to emphasis on standardization and formalization of all procedures. Highly complex and diverse maintenance and repair works require high level of competency and alignment of documentation for effective tracking and control of operations.

SAP Business One proved its stability in this area. Special add-on modules may be applied for example, for airworthiness and service bulletins management, aircraft structure tracking, maintenance plan management, equipment management traceability and MRO management and execution.

In this complex area, we come to help with our aviation consultants and ERP specialists to help to provide you with your needed solution that will be easy to use and expand. There are enough complexities in this business, and we make our best to simplify your resource planning.

Please write us about your MRO and we will come to help to build your own solution.

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