DNG Systems Inc

Operational activity of any manufacturing company is full of hidden specific nuances that assure fit-to-size equipment and infrastructure investments, productive outputs and sustainable development. More efficient is manufacturing business, more motivated is workforce since efficiency brings overall benefits for all employees.


As owners and managers choose the most customizable core equipment available on the market, right size and scale of the facilities, the same principles are in ERP SAP Business One for Manufacturing Business. Special add-ons are provided or elaborated to serve best the needs of manufacturing business.

We come to help manufacturing business to benefit from ERP that will facilitate operational experience, contribute to easier understanding of internal operational bottlenecks and shortages. SAP Business One provides excellent tools for business intelligence reports that tailor comprehension of managers about important and critical parts and processes of the business.

Growth is good – but not at all costs. Integrated accounting system gives accurate and specific data, showing relevant processes alongside. We provide solutions for you to grow but also to control costs of your growing and expanding. Leaders of manufacturing companies are responsible about challenges and the every-day problems. They should not care about the informational disruptions that may lead to wrong decisions.

Please write about your manufacturing business and we will build together the proper solution to assure you have right data at right place for your managerial awareness and highly effective decision making.

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