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Current economic environment is completely different from that just 20 years ago. In today’s world your customers may boost or deteriorate your reputation by leaving comments about your product on Amazon, Facebook and Instagram. Nobody thought in year 2000 that almost every single person has a powerful computer with him called smartphone with high-speed internet and access to all-around.

Grow & Digitize

By 2020 a new generation – Generation C – will come on the scene of new paradigms and challenges for businesses regarding level of service and quality of the product. The rhythm of modernization and digitization of the customer became so fast that SMB companies hardly understand what best mix of digitization priorities must be set up for the next 3 years.

We offer more understandable fundamental approach to the value of integrated internal management data: full information – full potential.

Consider as example first Apple smartphone when thousands of experts critically forecasted its short-term longevity due to unexpected game change called “all-in-one”. Nobody knows what happened to those experts but everybody knows what happened with the people: their smartphone data today is their digital identity in most areas of activity. Everything is in it.

‘All-in-one” is the main cornerstone of the SAP Business One philosophy. Integrating internal management data in one platform our clients uncover many possibilities to get more customers. 23% average profit growth faced the companies after implementation of SAP Business One. Actually, your new customers are hiding in your data.

During last 15 years multi-hundreds million dollars were invested in SAP Business One to add value for small and medium business users, assuring flexibility and extendibility at any point of company’s growing cycle. ERP system must accelerate performance matching key data to key processes.

Growing business at some point of time requires its ERP system to grow. Key Success Factor is to get a quality advice from your ERP consultant about relevance of the new add-ons to your growth strategy and real situation. Every complementary solution should have its operational and strategic argumentation with final scope to contribute to integrity and sustainability of business.

We see from practical business life of those clients who foster a result-oriented mind-set for actively using SAP Business One from the very beginning, face a stable and sustainable growth due to the constant access and use of integral blueprint of their business.

Relying on SAP Business One data, it is much more convenient and easier to the owner, CEO or managers to generate their own close-to-the-ground metrics about any initiative in the company. With all information on the hand, they may explore cash based or operationally based metrics comparing it to the market based or competition based relevant alternative data.

SAP Business One is an open system for high-level customization possibility taking in consideration business specific of the client. Using SDK, every measurable logic or algorithm may be added and successfully integrated into client’s system. And more than 500 add-ons are available being developed by SAP specialists.

Find out what we can do for your growing business today using SAP Business One complementary solutions. Our team of knowledgeable experts will help you to get most from SAP Business One extension potential according to you real needs.

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