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Start-up companies that work on their advanced electronics products are always under increased pressure of searching high-skilled intellectual workforce that may add value in their R&D activities. Especially in this business, hidden operational disruptions may lead to different collapses that negatively impact strategic goals.

Advanced Electronics

Our start-up high-tech clients affirm that there is very little space for operational wrong decisions in such companies. The whole attention and dedication is put to achieve the operational and strategic goals in order to start serving customer with the end-product. Ecosystem of pre-product launch internal operational management is very challenging and demanding.

We come more than with carefully customized SAP Business One ERP-solution. We interact many hours before to understand, in what direction does our client is developing and what does it imply in terms of scalability of our solutions. One of the challenges of the clients at early stage of development is their very rapid growth that required rapid ERP-system adaptability.

The real value that we bring customers in advanced electronics is our deep understanding of this industry. Our IT solutions come along with performance transformation plan that suggests future growth challenges for our client in order to assure that provided ERP-system and alongside solutions are workable at any stage of client’s growth.

We developed a special unique PTP-Matrix that stresses how future innovation experiments of the client will challenge his infrastructure, materials, R&D, HR expenditures. This helps to generate a view about necessary complementary IT & Consulting solutions that serve best client’s growth stages.

Write us about your company and we will come to help your unique business with our profound experience.

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