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Flight Schools play an important role in aviation industry, serving as a principal educational platform for pilots and crews. Successful running of flight school business presumes many factors and one of the most important is the ability to adapt new technology. SAP Business One comes to help keeping accounting & management data at one place.

Flight Schools

Lease and maintenance of aircrafts, facilities and training equipment maintenance, students’ modules organization & control require much attention and dedication. Size and scale of this business does not change much as FAA safety and other requirements influence on capital and operational expenditures.

We contribute to sustainability and profitability of flight schools by providing specially customized ERP SAP Business One Platform, adapted to needs and plans of the flight school. Our consulting and solutions orient to improved risk management, stability, and business continuity.

Aviation, especially flight learning centres are run by genuinely high passionate professionals. Daily business operations require focusing on accounting and internal management alignment. SAP Business One is substantially helping flight school executives to be focused mainly on important matters: safety and sustainability.

Please write about your flight school and we will come with our dedication and expertize.

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