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You know your business. From the very beginning you invest most of your time, efforts and commitment to grow your business, to add value proposition to your customers. And this is never-ending quest to maintain your organizational effectiveness, aligning your strategic goals with daily operations and KPI.

Intelligent Strategic Consulting

Implementation of ERP may be almost useless for your business, if there is no clarity and focus for collective action inside your company for sustainable growth, using Sap Business One. No matter how big or small is your business, with time you will become bigger. And this implies preparedness for challenges connected with scale of operations of your company.

We serve our clients with best initial expertise and business advisory. For no cost for our clients, we invest our resources in initial business due diligence study of your business, processes and market challenges in order to generate scenarios of your future growth. From very beginning, we want to serve you best on any stage of your business development.

Our clients must be fully satisfied not only by implementation of ERP solution but also receiving a qualified business advisory service in the area where there is a major concern. For this scope our Business Consulting Department is working hard and with full commitment to help clients to generate a comprehensive view on their business.

The only appropriate way to deliver a real value to our clients is a comprehensive approach, studying client’s pains and concerns on very early stages. After that we elaborate customized ERP solution based on SAP Business One platform, which architecture may be reshaped however and whenever the market dictates.

Any data migration implies the risks. For our clients we eliminate these risks by pre-implementation activities: careful analysis of IT infrastructure, structure of the sources of data and meticulous planning. We are proud to have the best experienced and high-skilled IT specialists who have great expertise in customization of software architecture and understanding real needs of the client.

Your new ERP system will play a strong role in organizational resilience of your business. Connecting all your departments in one integrated platform, instant access to any required data, excellent business analytics and reporting it will serve as a reliable tool to fundament your operational and business decisions. And we do best to provide you with the knowledge, how can ERP system serve your strategy.

Our strong ethical commitment is never to sell in sake of sale. Because of that we put all our competence to create for our clients a sustainable ERP platform, based on accurate strategic and operational analysis of his present and future needs. And only such approach we consider professional and adding real value for the clients.

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