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Cost control is an absolute and intrinsic issue in airlines of any type and scale. Around 15 years passed since electronic ticketing changed airlines sales strategies and technologies. Passengers became very experienced in selecting and powerful in social media feedbacks.


IT infrastructure of airlines became very sophisticated in order to generate better booking offers algorithms, discover better routing and connections at early stages and constantly improving customer service. The level of stress and responsibilities became tremendous on executives in airline business.

The airlines executives and managers must be concentrated on better value proposition and unique competitive advantages rather than on resolving internal planning disruptions. Concentrating efforts on airline’s product & services improvement is absolutely crucial.

Maximizing the potential benefits for airlines clients is an absolute must for us. We come with the team of business consultants in order to dedicate our efforts to understand airline’s business model, growth perspectives and specific challenges for ERP Planning, based on SAP Business One tremendous possibilities.

Our aviation consultants are top experienced experts from top positions of aviation business. We deliver an extensive business consulting, free for our clients, along with generating and tuning your customized and easy-to-expand SAP Business One ERP-system.

Your growth and processes-improvement during our cooperation is a definite priority. We believe that only this holistic approach may result in real measurable benefits for airlines that are constantly under pressure of different disruptions. Our goal is together to create such a product architecture that will drive up your consistent growth.

Write us about your airline business and we come to help your growth

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